Military versus Law Enforcement Training

Got a chance to participate in some training with a few National Guard units and an Active unit at White Sands, New Mexico.

It was an interesting experience as many of the Cadre are Law Enforcement and they brought a different focus to the training. There are so many schools of thought regarding training that it reminds me of the “my kung fu is better than your kung fu” mentality that I often see in martial arts. The truth of the matter is that there are many ways to solve a problem and there is no “one way” that works 100% of the time for every given situation. However I will caveat that by saying that training mantra is often dictated by public policy which is based up the perceived threat and legal implications in the usage of force.

Law enforcement training is based upon operating in a civilian environment where the primary focus is containing the threat, isolating the threat, ensuring the safety of peace officers/civilians and then eliminating the threat. This training mantra may very based upon the state, county and region where law enforcement actions are taking place. In contrast, military training is based upon find, fixing and destroying the threat. Only recently have civil considerations been brought into METT-C but the military is primarily focused on eliminating the threat as it is assumed that the threat level has escalated to a point beyond peace-keeping and civil operations. Needless to say, the training was great and both military and law enforcement learned some important TTPs that they can take with them back to their unit.

Till then – Mark