ConsignmentClass III/NFAGunsmithing


I buy, trade and consign used firearms. Whether is be a single firearm or an entire collection. I guarantee the best service, fastest shipping and the best price.

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National Firearms Act (NFA), Title II (Class III) items commonly available for purchase include select- fire machine guns (“full auto”) manufactured before 19 May 1986 (including certain parts for these firearms), short-barreled rifles and shotguns, suppressors (“silencers”) and any part comprising a suppressor, and a selection of firearms identified as Any Other Weapons (AOW). So-called “Destructive Devices” are also NFA items, but not commonly available to purchase.

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From Hunter to Collector and Home Defense to Competitor. No matter what it is, I am here to repair, maintain, and guide you through the entire process. I strive for the highest level of quality to give you the kind of service that I would expect on my own firearms. I possess both the technology and experience to perform almost any gunsmithing project that you may have. Got a request? Give me a call.

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